Joey Allaham Makes a Real Change in Kosher Dining

New York based restaurateur Joey Allaham, got an early start in the kosher food industry and opened his first restaurant Prime Grill, while he was still in his 20’s. Pretty soon the restaurant became “the” place to be, visited by a high-profile list of guest including celebrity names such as Madonna, Bill de Blasio, Bono, Bill Clinton and many more. His passion for food and meat brought him culinary stardom and made him a trustworthy name in the kosher food business. Extending his lifelong passion for food, he continued his business ventures, opening a Mediterranean-Asian fusion restaurant “Solo”, a Japanese steakhouse “Prime KO”, and his latest endeavor, a gourmet food store “Prime Butcher Baker”.

Joey Allaham Makes a Real Change in Kosher Dining

Dedicated to the pursuit of improving the reputation of kosher food, and proving people that there is more to kosher food than the usual dishes, Allaham created something different, distinctive and unique, transforming the public opinion on kosher dining and making a real change. As a consistent leader in the field, Prime Grill was named the city’s top kosher restaurant, for eight consecutive years. There is a lot of competition in the restaurant industry, which means there is a lot of risk, and much at stake. From an overall business perspective, Allaham proved that he is a restaurateur capable of succeeding even in such crowded field.

His ability to change and adapt to the market needs, along with his exceptional approach, earned him a spot in the kosher industry. Today NYC’s most celebrated and honored names in the kosher industry – Joey Allaham is a leading restaurant entrepreneur with impeccable reputation. He has wowed diners and critics from day one, offering a unique experience, with a distinctive atmosphere, and mouth-watering food made with the freshest ingredients. Food lovers and restaurant lovers have honored his restaurant by voting it the city’s top kosher restaurant for eight years in a row. Recently another opportunity came knocking and resulted in opening a gourmet kosher food store. From prepared foods, high quality artisanal ingredients, wide meat selection, rare kosher meats, fish, unique dishes, upscale packaged dry-goods, sweets, and pastries, to holiday-themed specials and Purim baskets, this sleek and modern decorated market offers delicious inventive food suitable for all types of occasions.


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