Allaham Offers Delicious Kosher Food in an Ambience Oasis

The Jewish culinary culture is currently booming and foodies from around the world are eager to discover this flavorful fusion. The Jewish cuisine is as complex as every part of what it means to be Jew. The kosher scene is getting even hotter in 2017, with a line of upcoming high-profile kosher-influenced openings by one of the industry’s leaders Joey Allaham. Today kosher restaurants are steadily pushing past the boundaries and are attracting all kinds of clients, most of which are even not Jewish. The densely populated Jewish neighborhoods like those in Brooklyn have resulted in wide kosher choice.

Joey Allaham's Kosher Ambiance Oasis

When Joey Allaham moved to America he saw the importance in reaching out beyond the usual Jewish clientele, and thus created restaurants that are both hip and kosher. Ambience is also an important part of the dining experience, and in that spirit, Allaham offers not only delicious food, but also has a wonderful boardwalk atmosphere. Prime Grill is regarded as the city’s first high-end kosher steakhouse. At the time when this noted restaurant owner opened his first venture, the reputation of kosher food was anything but thriving, and he entered the market wanting to provide top-quality meat that is kosher. Ever since its opening the now-iconic Prime Grill has hosted countless high-powered business lunches, political meetings, and celebrations, giving high-end dining experience a whole new meaning. The restaurant has been named the city’s top kosher restaurant for eight consecutive years, which has made its owner a star in the kosher business.

As Allaham learned, we aren’t successful because we’re kosher, but because we’re one of the best restaurants in the city. This established restaurateur has brought in a myriad of creative dishes which he has paired with sophisticated yet affordable wines. The warm contemporary design, with a touch of elegance provides customers with an unforgettable experience. This leader in New York’s fine-dining world has taken a high-end twist on the kosher restaurant serving, and has managed to set it apart from the typical kosher restaurant. The vibe, the staff, the décor are all on point and add up to the fine kosher dining experience.


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