Joey Allaham Transforms Kosher Dining in NYC


The kosher food industry has definitely come a long way, thriving in front of eyes over the past decade.  As a response to the increased demand for kosher food, great deal of new kosher dinners and markets have emerged all across the state. Compared with the bountiful array of kosher foods and attractive choices that we have today, a decade ago, gourmet kosher dining was basically non-existing, offering nothing more than the usual salads, chicken soups and gefilte fish. After moving to the US, Joey Allaham, immediately noticed what was missing, and decided to help his community get the kosher experience that that deserve. Motivated to make real changes, in 2000 Allaham founded the Prime Grill, the first restaurant from Prime Hospitality Group, and marked the beginning of quality, upscale kosher dining.

Joey Allaham Restoranteur

Set in a relaxed, elegant atmosphere and offering a vast menu of delicious, flavors ranging food for all type of occasions, the place raised the bar in kosher dining forever. The word about this modern, chic decorated restaurant quickly spread around, and soon Joey Allaham had stars like Madonna, Bono and Bill Clinton as guests. His quest for excellence, innovative ideas and savvy business skills, and more importantly his passion and desire, helped him transform the public’s perception of kosher dining. Determined to provide every neighborhood with the good quality food they deserve he continued his mission and opened three more kosher restaurants which brought back the good reputation of kosher food.

Taking into account that there are a lot of people who actually prefer to cook, noted restaurateur Joey Allaham surprised his community member with yet another existing business on the block. That idea turned into Prime Butcher Baker, a gourmet food store which made kosher and parve offerings available to take home. The new marketplace deals with dry-aged meats and parve baked good, fish, breads, sweats, prepared foods, and a vast menu of world flavors ranging from Middle Eastern dishes, Moroccan style salmon, Lebanese potato salad. In addition to that the gourmet market offers holiday-themed specials, like Purim basket, everything prepared from freshest, high quality artisan ingredients.